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 In this section you will be find the grammar material. usually grammar identically with tenses, of course tenses is a part of grammar. in order to help someone else to understand about it, this section made. so please make yourself enjoy and happy. good luck and have a nice day because this blog made by Indonesian people.

The suitable GRAMMAR and TENSES are:

TENSES is a grammatical category that locates a situation in time, to indicate when the situation takes place. Some typical tenses are present, past, and future. Tense can make finer distinctions than simple past-present-future; past tenses for example can cover general past, immediate past, or distant past, with the only difference between them being the distance on the timeline between the temporal reference points. Such distinctions are not precise: an event may be described in the remote past because it feels remote to the speaker, not because a set number of days have passed since it happened; it may also be remote because it is being contrasted with another, more recent, past event. This is similar to other forms of deixis such as this and that.
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