Listening untuk pemula sekali (elementary)

sometimes speaking become a scared part of English. actually speaking is not difficult, but the people think in their mind that speaking in English is absolutely difficult. If you think like that, i believe in confident that you will not able to mastering speaking lesson. I will give the first solution in this part is about do not afraid with the language, especially English language. English and Indonesian are different each other. we can't follow the dialect from native speaker such as pronunciation and spelling. so they can't follow our dialect from English into a good Indonesian, so what? my point is don't worry about speaking in English, don't think scared first...just talk and talk..basically the speaking is about knowing, understanding what it's said without seeing from grammar.

English lesson have so many way to be learn. there are Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Listening and Speaking are about two parts of learning English that less in the practicing. because of that i would like to give a material consist speaking, and listening to increase our skill... so let's the practice begin...enjoy

  •  ALPHABET ENGLISH video materi. You must know and learn how to pronunciate the alphabet correctly. please download the material (video) from the link above.
  • NUMBER IN ENGLISH video. You must understand outside your mind about number in English. don't be wrong to talk and see the pronounciation first, then you can practice it.
  • SEASON OF THE YEAR.  A very important material for beginner to know and understand th season of the year. of course it's divided into two kind of season in the world. in Indonesia just two kind of season that are rainy season and summer. but in the Europe, and American there are four season: Spring, Summer, Fall/ Autumn, Winter


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